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Pastor Steve's Corner

30 Days in the Bible, Day 1: Genesis 2:15-18, 21-24

We see in this passage that man was made to work. Yet we also see that God did not intend for Adam to work alone. In verses 19-20, God brings every creature to Adam to name, and to see if that creature would be a suitable helper for him in his work. None of the beasts or birds was found to be fitting. God certainly knew this would be true, but He wanted Adam to be aware of the need he had for help.

The creation of man didn’t stop with the man. God intended for humanity, made in His image, to consist of both male and female. It is only when the Lord creates a woman, like the man in her essence yet not identical to him, that Adam can find a suitable helper. In God’s creation, neither man nor woman can truly operate without the other, for they were made to be together and to serve together before God.

As God provided a helper for Adam, I believe He also established a general principle for the work that we as humans do. We don’t have to accomplish everything on our own. God designed humanity to work together, to join efforts in order to accomplish our God-given tasks more effectively. From the very beginning, humanity was made to connect with God and with each other, and this applies not only to married couples but to all of us in a variety of human relationships.

Sometimes it certainly seems like it’s easier just to do a job ourselves, rather than trying to bring others on board with us. Yet it is as we build relationships with others and work together that we reflect the reality of our God. We worship a God who is triune, one God eternally existing in three Persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three Persons are in an eternal relationship to one another, even as they are one in their essence. In creating humanity in His image, I believe God intended for us to live in relationship, first with Him, then with other people.

The relationship among the Trinity is not a static one. God is constantly at work, and all three Persons of the Trinity work together to achieve the divine purpose. In a similar vein, we aren’t meant to have relationships that are just social or emotional, but that are actively seeking to achieve God’s purposes. As we work together to see the kingdom of Jesus Christ grow, we will also build solid ties with our Christian brothers and sisters, and in doing so we will start to become what the Lord made us to be.