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Pastor Steve's Corner

30 Days in the Bible, Day 6: Isaiah 55:8-11

This passage is appropriate for a day in which our area has been hammered by one of the worst snowstorms we’ve ever had. We’ve got over a foot out in the yard right now, and some forecasts say we could get two feet here. Such a large amount of snow is a nuisance, making travel impossible, requiring removal from sidewalks and driveways, and creating risks for power outages.

Yet snow is beneficial in the long run. As it melts, it replenishes the water in the ground, and snow pack can bring needed water to our rivers, streams, and reservoirs come spring. It also can be beneficial to businesses that need snow and cold to operate, such as ski areas. While I’m sure I’ll be grumbling while I dig out my car tomorrow, I recognize that snow is a gift from God which blesses our earth.

Isaiah points this out in our passage today. Rain and snow come down from the heavens, and create conditions by which people can be fed and provided with drink. I don’t think the phrase “come down from heaven” is an accident; Isaiah may have used it to stress the ultimate source of these benefits as God.

Rain and snow have a purpose created by God. This purpose is used as an illustration of how God’s Word also has a purpose for which God sent it. The Bible has a power and purpose that makes it effective in bringing about God’s will. While many may read the pages of Scripture with no intent of believing what it says, or even to find problems and issues they think they can exploit, the Word can change them as they read.

There are mission organizations whose goal is to make the Bible more readily available to people. These groups believe in the power of the written Word of God. Whether by distributing Scriptures or translating them into indigenous languages, the people involved in these ministries show a confidence in the purpose of God’s Word when it is presented to those who need to know Jesus.

If we have that same commitment, we will both make use of the Word in our own lives and seek to share the Word with others. Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit when using His inspired revelation to point people to salvation through the Jesus Christ. The Word will accomplish the purpose of God and bring about changes in human lives for His glory.