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An Invitation to a Relationship

October 7, 2021 Speaker: Kerris Ackley Series: KINGSHIP: Living out the Attributes of Jesus

Topic: Young Adults Scripture: 1 John 1:1–7

This sermon analyzes the context of biblical community living through a relationship with Christ Jesus. 1st John 1 where Christ invites us into a deep relationship with Him. Christ exemplifies the truest of relationships anyone can ever have and by living authentically in community with one another where we can spur each other on to live in love focused on Christ together.


Discussion Questions:

1) When it comes to finding Godly community, what makes it hard at our ages to find it? What, if anything is keeping us away from finding it?

2) What does intentional community look like to you in a practical way? (IE how do we live out intentionally community in our lives?)

3) For you, what changed in your mindset when you realized God was initiating a relationship with you, verses a list of do’s and don’ts found in religion?

4) In verse 4 “We write this to make our] joy complete”, How have you found “Joy Invincible” or complete joy in Christ in times when you really should have not? How are the ups and downs we go through connected to faith and how are they different?

5) How does non-Christian community differ from community that is rooted in Christian fellowship and it’s focus on Christ?

6) What are some ways that you have been needing certain community in your life? What are somethings this group can encourage you in and support you in these ways?

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