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CNCC Youth consists of a middle school group (6th-8th grade) and a high school group (9th-12th grade). 

The ministry exists so that students might get to know each other, have fun together, grow together, trust and love Christ more, and begin a future of being solid men and women of God.



The idea behind D-Groups:
With the uncertainty of when we’ll be able to meet regularly inside still up in the air, we have decided to schedule more regular discipleship groups for the students. The idea is for them to get together with other students and a leader and dig into the word. The groups will be less organized around a specific curriculum, but instead, each time you’re student will simply read a chapter of the Bible and talk about it with their group. Organic, simple Bible study and discipleship like this has amazing long-term benefits.

What they’ll look like:

  • How many people per group? Each group will be smaller that way the students can really get to know each other and dig into the word.
  • When will they meet? They will be bi-weekly (that way we can have more of them), and usually be during the same time of the week.
  • When will they begin? They will begin in the second half of September!
  • What is the goal? The goal is for your students
    • 1) to have more close fellowship and gain deeper friendship with other students (in smaller groups)
    • 2) to dig deeper into the word by being in smaller groups


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