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Pastor Steve's Corner

30 Days in the Bible, Day 30: Hebrews 10:21-25

With today’s post, we reach the end of our 30 day journey for 2017. I want to encourage all of you to continue to faithfully read and study the Word every day. I hope that in going through this devotional you have learned the habit of spending time each day with the Lord and that this habit will remain with you for the rest of your life. (Of course, some of you m ay already have developed the habit, so I encourage you to keep it going!)

One of the blessings of our church’s “30 Days in the Bible” comes from many people studying the same passages together. Each one who has come along on this year’s journey has not only read and meditated on the same Biblical passages but also studied the same teaching on those passages. This gives us a common thread to share with one another as we work through this Bible study on service together.

Personal devotions, quiet time, morning meditation- whatever you call your time with the Lord, it is a precious part of the day. Every Christian needs that time alone in the Word, meditation, study, and prayer in order to develop a stronger relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and to grow in both knowledge of God and His Word and in the ability and desire to put that knowledge into practice. I can’t urge you strongly enough to take time with Him every day.

There is another aspect of our time with the Lord, however. As we spend time alone with the Lord, we should encourage others to do the same. This fits in with what the author of Hebrews tells us to do, to encourage each other to “love and good works.” That love isn’t just directed to people, but to God as well. The good works we do will flow from our relationship with Jesus, which we build through our personal time with Him. We ought to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to strengthen their own relationships with Him, and they should encourage us to do the same.

Many people like to have a “workout buddy” when they exercise. When two people go to the gym together it becomes easier to find motivation for a workout and harder to make excuses to skip the gym. In a similar way, we can look for a spiritual “workout buddy” to keep us focused on spending time with the Lord and encouraging us not to skip out on our daily walk with Him.

There are ways to have your quiet time with God alone and do it together with someone else. You could both study through the same passage of Scripture at the same time. You could use a common devotional guide (like we do with the “30 Days” guides). You could simply get together and talk about what the Lord is developing in your life through your time with Him. Any way that two (or more) people can encourage each other is a way to keep doing good by growing with Jesus.

It is my prayer that today won’t be the last time you look into the Word. I also encourage you, if you feel that you may not be consistent in your time with the Lord, to find someone to help you and encourage you in this daily practice. May the Lord bless you as you continue to love Him, honor Him, serve Him, and draw near to Him.